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Digital marketing is confusing. Mr Diamond Marketing has curated some of the best content to help small businesses and not for profits get the most out of their digital marketing efforts. 

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My favourite CRMs for Small Business.

There are thousands of different CRMs (Customer Relationship Management Platforms) out there. Selecting the right one for your business can be difficult. In this article, I’ve explained:

  1. What to consider when selecting a CRM

  2. Warning signs that you’ve selected the wrong CRM

  3. An overview of my three favourite CRMs and the business models that they’d suit.

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Mailchimp's Marketing Automation Features Are Now Free!

Mailchimp's Marketing Automation features are now free! Marketing Automation helps businesses connect meaningfully with more customers, by letting them set up triggers to automatically send emails, or record details about a customer. 

Businesses who are considering using Mailchimps marketing automation should bear in mind that once they have sent a certain number of emails, then they will have to pay to send more. So while it is free, it is also going to be harder to stay on the free plan while using marketing automation. 

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