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Digital marketing is confusing. Mr Diamond Marketing has curated some of the best content to help small businesses and not for profits get the most out of their digital marketing efforts. 

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[Infographic] Do Social Media Ads lead to sales?

A recent survey of over 1,900 consumers in the united states that 16% of people had made a purchase based on a Facebook ad, compared to 4% for Instagram, 2% for Twitter and just 1% for Snapchat.

More interesting still is that 80% of consumers have never made a purchase based on those social media sites. Social Media ads can generate sales, but they are most effective for engagement.

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The secret weapon of small businesses - Targeted Mobile Marketing

Australia is home to 3.2 million small businesses. Most small businesses don’t have the resources to compete with established enterprises in the online space and are turning to mobile marketing to grow their businesses.

Of Australia’s 15 million Facebook users, 14 million of them engage with the platform primarily from their phones. Facebook has created a suite of new tools to help small businesses take advantage of this, and target them at the precise moment they are using their mobile phones. 

Alexandra Slone, Facebook’s head of marketing for Australia and New Zealand has these three tips for small businesses who are just getting started with Facebook marketing:

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Digital Marketing Training for BGKLLEN

BGKLLEN does great big things for young people in the Bayside, Glen Eira and Kingston areas.

Mr Diamond Marketing developed an in-depth digital marketing workshop that would:

  • Assist BGKLLEN to plan for future marketing initiatives, including setting SMART Goals, developing customer persona(s) and creating customer journey maps. 
  • Explore ideas to extend the reach of the video BGKLLEN are creating for the Structured Workplace Learning program. 
  • Help BGKLLEN to strengthen partnerships with other organisations and reach more people withtheir content. 
  • Make any efforts to reach out with, and engage customers across digital channels more effective. 

There was a lot of content to cover. To make it easier for staff on the day I also created a 60 page digital marketing workbook for each team member, which they got to keep at the end of the workshop. Find out more about the workshop here. 

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