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It's been over a year since I've written a blog post...


The last blog post I wrote was back on September 26th.

A lots happened since then. I’ve got a new dog, moved house three times, have succumbed to baldness and have been to the gym twice. So why did I stop blogging?

So why did I stop writing the Mr Diamond Marketing Blog?

1.) I got very busy.

When you start a business, you probably think that you’ll have to survive off Ramen noodles and office works coffee for the first few years. But be prepared for the opposite as well, as it’s very common to have far more work then you can handle.

Many other business owners I’ve met have had this happen to them as well. For me, I was flat out from November 2017 until December 2018, which took a lot out of me. I had too much work on, and something had to go…It ended up being the blog.

But there was another reason I stopped writing it.

2.) It wasn’t attracting the right traffic.

For someone who makes a living telling people how to sell their products and services online, I was doing a pretty bad job of taking my own advice. One of the easiest traps to fall into when creating content is to write for yourself, instead of your audience and that’s exactly what I was doing.

Worse, I was writing to an impossible deadline. At one point, I was putting out one blog per day. This was an ambitious goal, and meant that the content I was churning out wasn’t great and definitely wasn’t unique.

Redefining the Mr Diamond Marketing Blog

So this post marks a turning point in the Mr Diamond Marketing Blog. I’m going to stop writing for myself, and start writing for other people. Specifically, I’m going to try write content that helps people get through their first year in business.

This will including content on:

  • Pricing

  • Defining Your Target Market

  • Digital Marketing (Social Media, Email Marketing, Simple Websites, CRM)

  • Software

  • Strategy

  • And more

This also means that you’ll get to learn from my mistakes. For that reason, I’m leaving my old blog posts up there for all time. They aren’t terrible. But they also lack purpose.

Bonus 1: Why have a blog

The main reasons to have a blog on your website are too:

  • Better inform your audience about your brands mission

  • Increase traffic to the website through SEO

  • Provide content for social media

  • Provide content for email marketing

  • Give people a reason to come back to your website

Bonus 2: What happens when you don’t update your blog for over a year

If you had an active audience (commenting on posts, sharing your content etc), you’ll probably lose them. There may be some key points of content that performed particularly well, and that you continue to rank for. These will continue to draw traffic to your website.

In my case, this was an article on How To Get Publicity (5.81% of site traffic) and the latest article I wrote on when to cull your email marketing list (4.60% of site traffic).