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Digital marketing is confusing. Mr Diamond Marketing has curated some of the best content to help small businesses and not for profits get the most out of their digital marketing efforts. 

Understanding the 'micro-moment'

A business that is able to be found through search will outperform those that aren't able to be found. 

A micro-moment is when someone instinctively reaches for their phone to find out about something. They are increasingly shaping the way we act, behave and consume. 

With our phones acting as supercomputers in our pockets, we can find, learn, do and buy whenever the need arises - or the whim strikes. 

Lisa Gevelber - Google's VP of Marketing for the Americas

Nowadays, 3 in 4 smartphone owners turn to search to address their immediate needs (Google 2017). Mobile searches have grown by over 80% since 2015 and nearly 1/3 of mobile searches related to location (Google 2017).

What does this mean for businesses? 

Having a fast, mobile responsive website matters.  

Mobile search is incredibly important, not only is having a fast, mobile responsive website a key ranking factor for SEO, but it will also affect your bottom line. 53% of website visits are abandoned if a web page takes more than three seconds to load, and for every second in load time conversions fall by 12%. This is especially important as consumers are 50% more likely to make impulse purchases on their mobile phones than they were just one year ago  (Google 2017)

Customers want your business 24/7

Customers these days are impatient and don't plan as far in advance as they used to. They are far more likely to be searching for 'bakeries open now' then the trading hours of a specific bakery, or hotels tonight than hotels a few weeks in advance. 

Same day delivery is coming

In the United States, Amazon has led to most consumers getting used to same day delivery. In fact, Mobile searches for same day delivery have grown over 120% since 2015 (Google 2017). Same day delivery has been relatively slow to hit Australian shores, but retailers and e-commerce stores are starting to get on board. Vinomofo has started to offer same day delivery in metropolitan areas, and we can expect many other big players to follow. 

Search is changing

People are starting to realise the capacity of search engines, and are dropping locational modifiers like "near me" or "Melbourne" from searches. In developing countries with lower literacy, voice search is taking off, and many people are navigating search engines without typing at all. As search engines get smarter, businesses will need to ensure that all SEO efforts are aimed at people, not machines.

Reviews are more powerful than ever

Over the past two years, mobile searches for 'product reviews' have grown by over 35% and videos with the word 'review' in the title have had more than 50,000 years worth of watch time. Businesses should try to get as many positive reviews as possible, and need to set aside time to incorporate video into their existing content strategy. 

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