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Digital marketing is confusing. Mr Diamond Marketing has curated some of the best content to help small businesses and not for profits get the most out of their digital marketing efforts. 

The secret weapon of small businesses - Targeted Mobile Marketing

Small Businesses should use Mobile marketing as a way of reaching customers at the right time. 

Australia is home to 3.2 million small businesses. Most small businesses don’t have the resources to compete with established enterprises in the online space. Smart use of mobile technologies is helping many small business owners to level the playing field.  

Of Australia’s 15 million Facebook users, 14 million of them engage with the platform primarily from their phones. Facebook has created a suite of new tools to help small businesses take advantage of this, and target them at the precise moment they are using their mobile phones. 

Alexandra Slone, Facebook’s head of marketing for Australia and New Zealand has these three tips for small businesses who are just getting started with Facebook marketing:

  1. Use a targeting tool - Facebook has a built in targeting tool called ‘Ads Manager’ which allows businesses to search for customers according to their demographic profile and interests.

  2. Use visually engaging content - There are thousands of competing messages on social media, and small businesses need to find ways to make their content stand out from the crowd. Creative, attention grabbing ads that use colour, movement and targeted or personalised messaging are much more likely to get people's attention then advertisements using stock photos.

  3. Use free online learning tools - Facebook is actively trying to get more small businesses advertising on their platform, and have developed a free online learning system called ‘blueprint’ to help business owners to successfully grasp their ad platform. Likewise, Google has developed google Ad Academy for help with its AdWords Platform

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