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Digital marketing is confusing. Mr Diamond Marketing has curated some of the best content to help small businesses and not for profits get the most out of their digital marketing efforts. 

Getting Noticed

The biggest problem most organisations face with marketing is getting it noticed. 

Modern technology means we are exposed to more messages than ever. 

In the 1970's we were exposed to an estimated 500 messages per day. In 2017, this has increased to over 5000 messages per day!

In the 1970's we were exposed to an estimated 500 messages per day. In 2017, this has increased to over 5000 messages per day!

Most of the messages we are exposed too are in the form of advertising, which most people are experts at tuning out. 

This doesn't mean it is impossible to get your message noticed, but it does mean that you have to spend a lot longer planning and preparing the right message. Before embarking on an advertising campaign, consider the following:

Who is the message for?

If you haven't already, develop a customer persona. This will help you to better understand exactly who it is that your marketing campaign is for, and the channels that it will be easiest to reach them on. 

Once you have your customer persona, ask yourself:

  • Does your messaging tie in with their interests?
  • Does it help to address their pain points? 
  • Will the story that is being told resonate with them? 
  • Can they see themselves in the message? 

Where will they see it?

The place and format that your advertisement is placed should have a big impact on the story contained within. 

The length of time that your audience will look at your message should help to prioritise the end messaging. Outdoor advertising for example, has to quickly grab an audiences attention, and will only be seen for a matter of seconds, so it has to be quick and easy to decode.

An article on a blog however, has an audience who has chosen to read that particular topic. You will most likely already have their interest. In this case, it is important to provide engaging content that holds the customers attention. 

What makes it stand out?

Think back to your customer persona? What messages are they likely to be exposed too on a day-to-day basis? 

How can you set your message apart from this? There are numerous ways that can include:

  • Style - How does your message look? Is it professionally put together, does it have polished aesthetics, or is it deliberately raw and open? 
  • Storytelling - How is the story being told? Does it attract attention with humour, or pack powerful emotional punches? 
  • Length - Is the messaging short and too the point, or long and involved?