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Mailchimp's Marketing Automation Features Are Now Free!

Mailchimp is probably one of the most widely used platforms for businesses to send EDM's and Newsletters. Mailchimp also features some pretty advanced features, but until recently these were only available to paid clients. 

Starting on the 2nd of May, the company has announced that it's marketing automation tools are now available for free for everyone to use. 

Marketing Automation is a great way for businesses to reach more customers with relevant messages at the right time. Mailchimp had previously stated that companies using marketing automation for abandoned cart notifications earned an average of $619 more than companies who did not. 

So why give it away for free? 

Mailchimp's free plans allow you to send up to 2000 free emails per month. Marketing automation is typically used to send customers a relevant notification when an action has occurred such as:

  • Clicking a certain link
  • Visiting a certain page
  • Opening or clicking on an email
  • Not visiting the website for a certain period of time

This is especially powerful, as it allows companies to easily increase the frequency of contact they have with customers. This is great for:

  • Online Stores (Abandoned Cart Emails, Welcome emails to new buyers, re-engagement messages)
  • Non-Profits (On boarding of new donors, Membership renewals, Events and reminders)
  • Education Providers (New Student Orientation, Course Series, Re-engagement). 

So should I be using Mailchimp for Marketing Automation?

Maybe. It really depends on your business structure, if you are currently using a CRM and your organisations internal technical capacity. The 2000 free emails you have will quickly add up, and at this point many businesses may find that they have to pay to get back to business as usual. 

I will be publishing a guide to some of the best CRM's for Small Business at the end of the month, and will be investigating Mailchimp's automation abailities in more detail before then.