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[Book Review] Sex, Bombs & Burgers

Sex, Bombs and Burgers - The Future Title of my autobigraphy.

Sex, Bombs and Burgers - The Future Title of my autobigraphy.

I wish this was the title of my Autobiography. Sex Bombs and Burgers is a book that should sell based on it's name alone. 

This is a book for anyone who wants to track the history of invention. It reveals how just about every invention of the 20th and 21st century can be traced back to either porn (Sex), the military (Bombs) and the fast food industry (Burgers). It's a fascinating and entertaining read, and details why these industries are the backbone for innovation:


Most porn companies are small in size, and therefore don't have layers of management holding every decision back. This means that they more prone to try new technology. The Pornography industry had a hand in developing innovative technologies like portable cameras and online payment system.

To deliver, you have to invent in order to circumvent other issues that may come up.
— Paul Benoit - COO of porn site Twistys

The influence of the porn industry should never be underestimated. It was responsible for the dominance of VHS over Beta tapes, and looks set to play a major part in determining who the dominant virtual reality provider will be in the future (Samsung VR, Occulus Rift, Vive etc.).

The Military

On the battlefield, superior technology is the difference between life and death. 

The value we place on any life is the engine that drives that (investment in military technology). Two things - a reduction in the number of people that we put in harm’s way and an improvement for those that go into battle - those are the central pillars of American technology
— Joe Dyer - iRobot Executive

The front-lines of a battle these days are now fought with drones, and will soon be fought online (hence higher investments in cyber defence by many governments). The military isn't just aided by weaponry and is responsible for many innovations that many of us now take for granted including the Microwave oven, Video Games and the internet. 

Fast Food

The food industry is highly competitive, and innovation is essential to staying on top of the competition. Additionally, the scale that fast food companies operate on means that time is money, and shaving a few seconds off the production line means millions of dollars on the companies balance sheets. 

Many of the innovations that Fast Food played a part in surround food itself (e.g. canned food), but many more surround transportation, logistics and supply chain inefficiencies.

The Inventions

The book tracks a number of topics including:

  • McDonalds and the fast food movement
  • The Creation of processed foods
  • How the shelf life of foods has been increased over time
  • The rise of portable video recording technology
  • The emergence of video games
  • The creation of the internet

The most interesting thing that Sex, Bombs and Burgers shed's light on is not the sheer number of different technologies that have been created by these industries. It is how entwined each of these industries are. 

Who Should Read It? 

The book is incredibly entertaining, but it isn't exactly a must read for anyone who wants to get their business off the ground. The book is definitely worth reading by anyone who:

  • Wants to win their next trivia night
  • Knows how limited traditional thinking can be
  • Is involved in the creation of new products or services
  • Has a desire to find out how the world works.