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Do You Need A Web Developer?

Up until recent years, building a website was a complicated affair and required programming knowledge in HTML and CSS.

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to build a website, and many people are forgoing website developers in favour of building their own sites. 

With it becoming easier and easier to build your own website, the question now becomes should you? 

When To Hire A Website Developer

I am not a website developer, but I do work with them all the time.  Situations where I would work with a developer are:

  • They were already working with my clients before I started working with them.
  • The client needs more than what a website built in squarespace can offer.
  • They need a high degree of customisation, or finesse with the design and layout of each page.
  • They want features that require heavy back end integration, such as forums, insider portals, two-sided marketplaces etc.
  • They have a preference or a need for a CMS that is not Squarespace. 

(I have also written a handy guide that helps people choose the right CMS for them.)

Building A Website On Your Own

There are a few easy to use CMS's that you can choose from if you are deciding to build a website on your own. 


Choose a theme and get building. Well, almost. WordPress is relatively easy to use, but it does take a bit of customisation to get everything right. 

If you are building a website in WordPress, expect to take a bit of time to get yourself up to speed. For the technically proficient among us, it should be pretty easy to build a great WordPress website. For those less technically proficient, expect to spend a lot of frustrated hours trying to get everything working the way that you want it too. 

If you can overcome this minor hurdle, then WordPress may be a great platform to use. 


Wix is simple to use and easy to setup. Unfortunately, if you build a website in Wix, it will look like a website that was built in Wix. 

Even the examples given by the company all look a bit boxy and off. 

There are definitely better alternatives out there. 


Squarespace is my favourite platform for building websites. The templates you can choose from are all built with different intents in mind, including:

  • Online Stores
  • Professional Services Pages
  • Personal Profile Pages
  • Events Pages

Most templates come with a whole heap of customisation options, so you don't have to worry about the sites being carbon copies of other sites. 

Additionally, responsive design is taken care of out of the box. The websites will look great on mobile as soon as they are live. 

Did you build your website yourself, or have someone else develop it? How did it go? Or, do you have a different CMS to recommend?