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Project Management Software Review - Producteev

Producteev by Jive is a simple but powerful Project Management Platform. 

While older than other platforms like Asana and Meistertask, Producteev is easy to setup, simple to use and puts the functions that you would use right where you need them. 

Producteev by Jive - Project Management Software

That's right, did I mention that it is free? 

While Producteev does have a paid plan, the free version allows you to create unlimited project spaces, with unlimited users and unlimited tasks. 

For instance, I set up an environment in Producteev for each of my clients. In some instances where clients are time poor, it is just me in the Producteev space, and I use it as a checklist. 

I setup a checklist of tasks to do, and then put in due dates for each task. Producteev then notifies me via email and the fully functional mobile app of what tasks are due, and then if they are completed I close them off. 

Producteev also gives you access to a pretty great calendar, which will show you what tasks are due when. 

On collaborative projects, I am able to invite clients into the project spaces. Each person is able to see everything that everyone else is doing, and post notes, comments and questions, as well as link to documents stored online (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc.). 

This fits in really well with the way I work. I like to have all of the information at my fingertips, and sort through the information that I need as it comes up.

On projects where people are billing by the hour, you may want to use Producteev's integration with Toggl to track time.

At the time of writing, there are a few things that Producteev doesn't do well:

  • Clutter - Producteev works best when used by small teams. As far as I am aware, there is no way of turning off notifications for tasks that you are not involved in. This has the effect of sometimes creating information overload, especially in larger teams. This will drive anyone who is used to Inbox Zero insane! In cases like this, Asana or Meister Task are better options, as you only receive notifications when you are included as a user (e.g @Alex has to be explicitly written. 
  • Visual Design - I quite like Producteev's minimal, text heavy design. This could be a bit off-putting for visual people, who might prefer options like Meister Task. 
  • Project Management Charts - Producteev lets you create tasks and sub-tasks, but doesn't give information about the dependencies of those tasks. It would be great if Producteev let you create GANTT Charts, PERT Charts etc. For these functions, you generally need to look into paid project management platforms.